CMEA 2018 - VIII Learning Styles World Congress
Barranquilla - Colombia | October 10, 11 y 12, 2018

Modalidades de presentación CMEA 2018

Presentation Types


15-minute presentation on reports or advances in research, and projects related to the main topics outlined for this 2018 World Congress. At the end of the presentation, 10 minutes will be allocated to interact with audience.


Workshop or Presentation of Innovative Practices.

A form of activity that invites attendees to actively participate around a subject. A 30-minute workshop will be allocated for proposals on training or innovative practices in learning and teaching styles. These may be implemented in computer labs or master classrooms according to the needs of the workshop.



The poster is a graphic representation of a proposal, or ongoing research. This space is dedicated in particular to researchers who wish to receive feedback on their research to carry out or ongoing projects. There will be 30 minutes for participants wishing to participate in this form of proposals. The poster will contain title, objectives, methodology and expected results. Poster’s format will be of a meter and a half long by one meter wide.