CMEA 2018 - VIII Learning Styles World Congress
Barranquilla - Colombia | October 10, 11 y 12, 2018




Strategies and new technologies. Challenges

  • Learning and Teaching styles and virtual education.
  • research proposals, advances on the teaching and learning styles ,virtual learning, blended learning, flipped classroom.
  • Design of educational platforms and applications on the subject of teaching and  learning styles.

Influence of the styles in the development autonomy, 

  • Learning and teaching styles, Metacognition, and autonomy.
  • • Advances or complete research on the autonomy and Learning and teaching styles
  • • Metacognitive Processes and self-regulation

educational models and higher education

  • • Proposals on teacher training on  Learning and teaching styles
  • • Trends in the implementation of Learning and teaching styles
  • • Curriculum design on Learning and teaching styles

Emotional and inclusive education

  • Proposals for teacher training on  teaching and learning styles.
  • Multiple intelligences and emotional intelligence.

Social Construction of Knowledge

  • Collaborative learning in the social construction of knowledge networks.

Business and entrepreneurship.

  • The new enterprise and teaching and learning styles.
  • Business programs based on teaching and learning styles.

Consideraciones and new trends theorization

  • Progress or complete research around teaching and learning styles.
  • Innovative experiences and innovative  practices on teaching and learning styles. 
  • Management, design and validation of new tools / new instruments for the identification of teaching and learning styles